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Midnight Love Song - Available Now!

I've always been fascinated by the theme of forbidden love and when the opportunity arose for me to write a series focused on that very idea during the Regency era, where an arisocrat falls in love with an outlier of society, someone forbidden to their social standing, I couldn't resist. I knew I wanted to create an interesting setting, where the reader would be taken away from tea parties and ballrooms and thrust into a new world, yet one that was historically correct and existed alongside all the fancy garden parties that are often represented. I wanted to diversify the characters too and add another difficulty of the era, because love isn't always neat and tidy. Sometimes rules need to be broken to find true love. I hope you enjoy this new series!

"I adored Sofia and Noah and loved watching their developing relationship, seeing their strength and honest evolve. Humor and chemistry abound and let's just say, I will never look at silk scarves the same!" Amy - Goodreads review

Magic in His Kiss

​Vauxhall Gardens may be London’s ideal attraction with its diverse population, unusual entertainment and illicit pleasure walks, but for Sofia Gallo, it’s also a safe haven.

Leaving Italy with her brothers, she escaped the threat of scandal and the longer she performs as a tumbler, the more Vauxhall feels like home. Especially when she meets Noah Wright, a handsome bachelor seeking work as a magician.
Yet predicting the future is far from a magician’s illusion and when Sofia’s past collides with her present, she discovers forbidden love is more dangerous than she ever dared to imagine.​

Love on the Line

"A beautiful tightrope walker, an Earl on a mission, a murder, a dark secret...oh my!!  From the opening line, "The glint of his knife caught her attention." To the last line "I promise, this is only our beginning"...I was captivated by the story of Lola and Theodore."      Deb - Amazon review

Available Now!

In the hedonistic world of Vauxhall Gardens, a place where London’s aristocracy pursues daring entertainment and sensual pleasures, desire overrules status, prejudice, and societal censure.

When Lola York meets Theodore Coventry, Earl of Essex, their chemistry is undeniable, but she knows better than to yearn for forbidden love. That is, until their involvement becomes unavoidable and Lola realizes the most dangerous risk of all is the one that threatens her heart.

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